Tips to Enhance Immunity

At this time, more than ever, it's extremely important to do everything we can to keep our immune systems strong. We wanted to share some simple things we all do and some products we take right now to keep our bodies strong through this pandemic.

  • Chop up a lemon or lime, with rind on, let sit in very hot water for 10 - 15 minutes before drinking. The oils in the skin and fruit will infuse into the water, giving you a boost of vitamin C. Very important to drink this while still warm!
  • Gargle several times a day with warmed Himalayan Salt water - the salt water can neutralize germs in the mouth and throat.
  • Run a diffuser or a humidifier safe for oils with ViroGuard or a single oil with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties in your home, car or office as often as possible. 

Sanitize surfaces frequently, after touching doors, cell phones, money or debit cards or any other place frequented by others. Change clothes and shoes upon arrival to your home.