Pure Ingredients from Nature

Medicine Flower offers you true botanical perfumes made with genuine essential oils and absolutes in biodynamic grape alcohol.

Formulated by our master perfumer, these perfumes are uniquely created to allow you to breathe the true power and beauty of natural plant-based ingredients.

Our essential oils and absolutes are organic or wildcrafted, sustainably grown and non-GMO.

Our perfumes are superior to commercial, synthetic perfumes... you will never go back!

Ingredients: water, biodynamic grape alcohol, genuine essential oils and absolutes

Bliss Botanical Perfume

An intoxicating composition of exotic notes makes Bliss™ irresistible. Bliss Notes: blue lotus, neroli, tuberose,... ..


Celestial Botanical Perfume

Celestial™ is a woodsy scent with spicy, incense and resins to raise your spirit to... ..


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Coming Soon February 2024 | Tourmalina Botanical Perfume - Limited Edition

Coming Soon February 2024 | Tourmalina Botanical Perfume - Limited Edition

Experience an exquisite fusion of nature’s finest aromas and the healing energies of Earth's precious... ..


Dolphin Heart Botanical Perfume

Dolphin Heart™ Notes: White lotus, lemon verbena, rose, clary sage and mandarin. ..


Inspiration Botanical Perfume

A scent for your softer side. Gentle but lively with a playful complexity energized by... ..


Mystery Botanical Perfume

Mystery™ is a unique composition of soft floral and citrus notes blend with rich, powdery... ..


Sacred Sage® Botanical Perfume

A synergistic blend of traditional purifying herbs made with hand picked, sustainably harvested White Sage.... ..


Synchronicity Botanical Perfume

Synchronicity™ is balanced, light and airy. It is easy to wear; creating an optimistic, confident... ..