Medicine Flower essential oils are 100% pure botanical oils produced by distillation, CO2, alcohol, solvent or expression of different parts of the plant. Our essential oils and absolutes are organic or wildcrafted, sustainably grown and non-GMO . These quality essences from the flowers or other parts of plants are sacred and have life-giving properties that enhance total well-being. 

Please enjoy our products made from sustainable materials.

Allspice - Pimenta dioica

Medicine Flower Allspice Essential Oil Plant Information Allspice, also called pimenta, Jamaica pimenta, or myrtle pepper, is the... ..


Amyris Balsamifera

Medicine Flower Amyris Balsamifera Essential Oil Primary Benefits Uplifting smell that calms the nerves and heightens... ..


Anise Seed - Pimpinella Anisum

Medicine Flower Anise Seed Essential Oil Primary Benefits Antiseptic properties help to heal small cuts,... ..


Basil, Holy - Ocimum tenuifolium

Medicine Flower Holy Basil Essential Oil Primary Benefits Can aid as an antidepressant, supporting reduced anxiety, stress,... ..


Basil, Sweet - Ocimum Basilicum

Medicine Flower Sweet Basil Essential Oil Primary Benefits Refreshing aromas relieve tension and sooth mental... ..


Bay Laurel - Laurus nobilis

Medicine Flower Bay Laurel Essential Oil Primary Benefits Aids in alleviating respiratory conditions, opens up... ..


Bay Rum - Pimenta racemosa

Bay Rum Essential Oil Primary Benefits Helps in relieving muscle and joint pain May help... ..


Benzoin - Styrax Tonkinensis

Medicine Flower Benzoin Essential Oil Primary Benefits Has highly antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties Sweet notes... ..


Bergamot - Citrus Bergamia

Medicine Flower Bergamot Essential Oil Primary Benefits Can be helpful causing relaxation and a soothing,... ..


Birch - Betula Lenta

Medicine Flower Birch Essential Oil Primary Benefits Helps relax tight muscles and gives pain-relief for... ..


Black Pepper - Piper nigrum

Medicine Flower Black Pepper Essential Oil Primary Benefits It has an expectorant property that helps... ..


Cedar Atlas - Cedrus atlantica

Medicine Flower Cedar Atlas Essential Oil Primary Benefits Anti-inflammatory qualities used to treat the pains... ..


Cedarwood - Juniperus virginiana

Medicine Flower Cedarwood Essential Oil Primary Benefits Known to calm nervous tension and anxiety Strong... ..


Cinnamon Bark - Cinnamomium zeyla

Medicine Flower Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil Primary Benefits Known to improve blood circulation and boost... ..


Clary Sage Essential Oil - Salvia sclarea

Plant Information Clary Sage, the giant of the sage family that is believed to be... ..