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Medicine Flower® Gifts of the Earth™ provides a full line of essential oils, massage oils, Sacred Sage®, Body Care products, and more.

Medicine Flower's philosophy is to provide quality ingredients and body care products that support renewable and sustainable agriculture. We work with farmers and distillers all around the world. Our goal is to support indigenous cultures, cultural traditions and fair trade. Please enjoy our products made from sustainable materials.

ViroGuard® Concentrate Blend 1/3oz 10ml

ViroGuard®  Concentrate is  a blend of pure essential oils, known since antiquity to ward off... ..


ViroGuard® Roll-On 1/3 fl oz

ViroGuard® Roll-On provides a gentle and convenient application method, for both children and adults.  It's our... ..


ViroGuard® Sanitizing Mist Essential Oil Spray

ViroGuard® is a blend of botanical essences used since antiquity to guard against harmful bacterial... ..


DreamTime Roll-On

Medicine Flower DreamTime Roll-On  The sweet balance of citrus and flowers in our DreamTime Roll-On blend... ..


Bug Shield® Oil Spray 100% Natural Bug Repellent

Go Bug-less With Medicine Flower! Keep mosquitoes and other flying irritants away with our 100%... ..


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Sensual™ Massage Oil 8oz 240ml

Sensual™ Massage Oil 8oz 240ml

Ingredients: Safflower Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Sunflower Vitamin E Oil (gmo-free), Amyris, Benzoin, Cedar, Clove,... ..


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Vanilla Scented Body Butter

Vanilla Body Butter

Medicine Flower Body Butters are incredibly rich in emollients that are moisturizing and nourishing to... ..



Medicine Flower Benzoin Essential Oil Primary Benefits Has highly antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties Sweet notes... ..


Lavender, French - Organic

Medicine Flower French Lavender Essential Oil Primary Benefits Increase relaxation, sleep, calming moods Promote healthy... ..



Medicine Flower Frankincense Essential Oil Primary Benefits May help in healing acne and smooth wrinkles... ..


ViroGuard® Oil Blend 1/2oz 15ml

ViroGuard® Oil is a blend of our pure essential oils diluted with Organic Jojoba Oil for... ..


LiceLess Essence Concentrate 1/3oz 10ml

Size: 10 ml, 1/3 oz Use in an empty spray bottle. If you don't have... ..


Bug Shield® Mist 100% Natural Bug Repellent Spray

Go Bug-less With Medicine Flower! Keep mosquitoes and other flying irritants away with our 100%... ..